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Vacuum Bagging Example

Vacuum Bagging

Vacuum bagging and resin infusion are two processing methods that provide excellent fibre fractions, excellent laminate consolidation and improved strength-to-weight ratios when compared to hand lamination. This can be achieved with low capital expenses and is less labour intensive than hand laminated parts.

Vacuum Bagging

Vacuum Bag Films

Vacuum Bag Film VI

Vacuum bag that enables the flow of wet impregnated zones throughout curing process. Used mainly in vacuum infusion but can also be used for long thin laminates.

Max Use Temp: 160°C

Vacuum Bag Film VF

A Vacuum Bag Film that is economical and suitable for a wide range of uses. A tough violet film that is flexible and suitable for a wide range of uses.

Max Use Temp: 170°C

Vacuum Bag Film Y (Yellow)

A Low cost vacuum bag film that is used for low and ambient temperature curing with high strength and elongation. Offers excellent resistance to polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins. With a width of 4 meters this vacuum bag film is ideal for production of large components where wet lay-up and infusion processes are being used.

Max Use Temp: 150°C

Vacuum Bag Film S (Light Pink)

Vacuum Bag that offers a combination of strength and elongation. Used for high temperature extended autoclave cures. Compatible with most of aerospace grade resin systems that is commonly used including BMI's.

Max Use Temp: 204°C

Vacuum Bag Film G (Green)

Co-extruded vacuum bag film. Used in extremely low and high humidity environments. Ideal for infusion processing but not for autoclave use.

Max Use Temp: 120°C

Vacuum Bag Film B (Blue)

Vacuum Bag that is made from modified nylon resin. Approved for various aerospace specifications. Used in high temperature and pressure autoclave applications, thermoplastics. This vacuum bag is soft, workable and anti-static.

Max Use Temp: 232°C

Vacuum Bag Film 8G (Green)

This vacuum bag is used for high temperature autoclave curing of aerospace composites and BMI's.

Max Use Temp: 198°C

Vacuum Bag Film 8GH (Green)

Approved for various aerospace composites specifications. This vacuum bag has excellent elongation and heat ageing characteristics.

Max Use Temp: 205°C

Vacuum Bag Film C (Clear)

Vacuum Bag that is suitable for oven curing of composites and de-bulk operations. Film can be reused on subsequent de-bulking operations due to its high elasticity.

Max Use Temp: 120°C

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