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Fibreglass Weaving

Fibreglass Scrim

Fibreglass Scrim Cloth can be used for repair applications of various types of materials. The scrim cloth will add reinforcement and allow for expansion and contraction of the surrounding materials.

Fibreglass Scrim

Fibreglass Scrim Coated Image

Scrim Coated -
Alkali Resistant


Fibreglass Scrim Coated 155 Image

Scrim Coated -
Alkali Resistant


Fibreglass Scrim Un-Coated Image

Scrim Un-Coated -
Loom State


R117 A101 Alkali Resistant

Peel Ply Fabric Image


Glass Fabrics made from continuous Yarns

Style No:

R117 A101




145 g/m²


1000 mm


25x2 cm


136 Tex


272 Tex


Half Leno


0.47 mm

Tensile Strength

5 N/cm

Roll Length

50 m


Ex Stock

Fibreglass Products

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  • Accessories
  • Aramids
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Catalysts and Hardenerers
  • Chemicals
  • Core Materials
  • Costing Calculators
  • Fibreglass Fabrics - Composites
  • Fibreglass Fabrics - Meshes & Scrims
  • Fibreglass Fabrics - Thermal Insulation
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  • Fibres Reinforcing
  • Fillers
  • Flowcoats
  • Gelcoats
  • Mould Making
  • Pigment Pastes and Powders
  • Pool Materials Fibreglass
  • Resins
  • Resin Additives
  • Roof Sheeting
  • Solvents
  • Structural Adhesives & Bonding Pastes
  • Vacuum Bagging
  • Waxes and Release Agents

Fibreglass How to Guides

Fibreglass How to Guide

Nivitex have various guides available for the DIY person that will help you with your next project from costings on projects to using various fibreglass products for mould making etc.

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Technical Information

Technical Information Guides

We have technical information available on various fibreglass products. These guides will help you with faults, how to apply products, grades of fibreglass and much more.

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