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DIY Fibreglass Methods

DIY Fibreglass Guides

A list of guides to assist you with questions you may have about the various materials and processes of different fibreglass projects. You are also welcome to contact us for information.


Glass Fibre Costing Information

Costing formulations for Resin, Gelcoat, Catalysts, Coremat, Surface Tissue and General Information...

Glass Fibre Costing

Product Costing Calculators

Use our Fibreglass Product Cost Calculators to get estimated costings...

Option 1 (Basic)Option 2 (Advanced)


The Use of Gel Coat, Pigments and Fire Flake

Gel coat is used as the first layer in moulding a good surface finish on the moulded surface. On top of it, inside the mould, layers of chopped strand mat (CSM) and resin are added to the required thickness and strength....

Use of Gel Coats, Pigments and Fire Flake

Mould Making

How to make a Mould

Mould making course - Planning the mould, One Piece Mould, Two Piece Mould, Block Mould and handling tips for Silicone, Resin and Fibreglass...

How to make a Mould

Silicone Rubber Mould Making

Introduction to Silicone Rubber Moulding, benefits, equipment needed, types of moulds, mould supports and lots of general inforamtion...

Silicone Rubber Moulding


Guide to GRP Fibreglass and Resin

General guide to Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic where we cover the different materials and equipment required, how to use the various materials, precautions and much more...

GRP Fibreglass Guide

Guide to GRP Fibreglass Products

Guide to various Glass Reinforced Products product characteristics and technical specifications....

Guide to GRP Products

How to Laminate Fibreglass and Resin

How to use resin with typical laminating projects such as canoe's, boat hulls, replica armour, patio furniture, car bodywork to name a few. How to prepare, mix, laminating technique and finishing...

How to use Resin

Resin to Glassfibre Ratios

For an effective laminate, it is essential that the glassfibre material is thoroughly “wetted-out” with Resin. The amount of resin needed to do this varies from one glassfibre material to another...

Resin to Glassfibre Ratios

Swimming Pools - Fibreglass and Marblite

Black Plague or Osmosis in Swimming Pools

Black Plague is a black or brown staining of the gelcoat or poolcoat surgace and typically manifests itself in the shape of a comet. Closer inspection reveals a blister through which a black tar-like liquid oozes...

Black Plague or Osmosis in Swimming Pools

Fibreglass Lining Application Sheet

Suggestions for lining swimming pools with re-inforced polyester resin...

Swimming Pools Fibreglass Lining

How to Fibreglass and Line your Pool

Directions for the lining of swimming pools with G.R.P. which apply to the lining of both new and old concrete pools, as well as old pools finished with marble plaster...

Fibreglass and Line your Pool

Marblite Pool Plaster

Introduction to Marblite, applications, Marblite of previously plastered pools, application of Marblite...

Marblite Pool Plaster

Material Required for Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Materials required for Fibreglass Swimming Pools, amount of fibreglass mat, glass, sealer, resin, flowcoat and catalyst per pool area...

Materials Required for Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Specifications for Building of Swimming Pools

“NSPI of SA” Specifications for the construction of gunited or handpacked concrete domestic pools under normal conditions...

Specifications for Building of Swimming Pools

Fibreglass How to Guides

Fibreglass How to Guide

Nivitex have various guides available for the DIY person that will help you with your next project from costings on projects to using various fibreglass products for mould making etc.

See all our DIY guides

Technical Information

Technical Information Guides

We have technical information available on various fibreglass products. These guides will help you with faults, how to apply products, grades of fibreglass and much more.

See all our Technical Guides

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