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Fibreglass Matting ManufacturerWelcome to Nivitex Fibreglass and Resins

Nivitex was established in 1998 to manufacture quality fiberglass materials. Your one stop shop when it comes to any fibreglass project, mould making, fibreglass swimming pools, fibreglass repairs or professional fibreglass product manufacturing.

Customized Fibreglass Material widths in manufacturing from 25mm to 3100mm. Nivitex is one of South Africa’s leading fiberglass weavers and suppliers of a comprehensive range of fibreglass products for both the DIY and Professional markets.

Our range of fiberglass products includes fibreglass woven fabrics, fibreglass matts, fibreglass tapes, carbon fibre fabrics, caoted and uncoated scrim, fiberglass pool products, gel coats, resins, roof sheets and ancillary products. We supply latex rubber and silicone rubber. We can manufacture gelcoats and slit fibreglass rolls to customized widths.

Nivitex supply it's range in the whole of South Africa, with distribution branches in main centres.

Member of: PCISA, NSPI and JCCI.

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